How To Create Your First Email Course or Email Challenge

Has your email list stopped growing? Can’t figure out what’s going on? It’s called the subscriber growth plateau and it happens to the best of us. Simply saying, “sign up for my email newsletter” isn’t going to do the trick in 2019. In this guide, you’ll learn how email courses and challenges can kickstart your list growth and convert new subscribers to paying customers with simple, automated emails. The Solution Developing a compelling email course or challenge can revitalize your digital marketing, boost your subscriber growth, and generate a ton of sales for your business. Email courses and challenges uniquely attract a relevant and eageraudience by tapping into human psychology. Courses and challenges draw on our desire to learn, achieve goals, feel accomplished, and connect with a purpose. Not only is this strategy effective at growing your email list, it’s also a logical pre-purchase step for your prospective customers. People that engage with your course or challenge are primed to become perfect buyers for your paid products or services.

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